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Rules of Silverblade
There are a few ground rules you must follow in Silverblade depending on your rank.


  1. Councillor of Silverblade - Guild leader and Officer rank. These are responsible for recruitment, guild maintenance, and running the Loot Council as well as various individual responsibilities like recruitment or raid leading. They are also capable of removing and promoting and demoting players.
  2. Avatar (Councillor) of Silverblade - The alts of the Councillors.
  3. Crusader of Silverblade - The main raiding rank. See below to see the rules for a raider.
  4. Avatar (Crusader) of Silverblade - The alts of Crusaders.
  5. Initiate of Silverblade - People who are in the process of becoming a Crusader.
  6. Sentinel of Silverblade - Former raiders or players known well to be great, who will occationally help in raids to get the right compositions.
  7. High Hand of Silverblade - A former officer turned social, typically because he couldn't make the raid schedule. Can invite members and set their notes, but not much else. If they return to raiding, are often considered for officer rank again. High Hand is only granted when the stepping down is amicable.
  8. Hand of Silverblade - The main social rank

Being a social:
Socials of all stripes are very welcome. They're the friends of other socials and raiders. They're here for the social aspect and the community. There are no demands to their skill. There are a few rules on general behaviour in the guild and falling afoul of those will get you removed. See the bottom of the post for details.

Becoming a Raider:
In order to become a raider, you should submit an application through this site. Alternatively, contact one of the officers in-game, and we can arrange a meeting.

The standard trial process lasts 2 weeks (total of 4 raids). During this time, we want you to demonstrate that you can learn the fights, play your character, and otherwise adhere to all the other rules that apply to raiders. It may extend, however, if uncertainty arises, but usually it won't.
In other words: As a Trial/Initiate consider yourself a raider, but without the perks. After 2 weeks, you'll be promoted assuming you pass and the perks will be yours.

Failing the trial process gets you demoted to Social.

We expect you to have read the strategies posted on Discord before the raid. Be ready to deal with any special assignment you may get as a result of your role on the given fight.

Maintain your knowledge of the game and your spec especially. This means a combination of continuous play and practice in various modes of play (M+, lower difficulty raids, PvP, etc.), and using class resources and guides, such as the Discord for your class or continuously updated guides found across the web.

We do not merely expect you to use one of these tools, but to use several in combination to form a strong understand of the class and spec you play.

Furthermore, we expect you to be continuously simming your character with Simcraft, Ask Mr. Robot, or a similar tool in order to always know whether or not a particular item is an upgrade.

Upgrade your gear by participating in WoW's many activities outside raiding to upgrade your gear. Frequently the guild will set particular demands on how prepared you must be to enter a raid with the team. Make sure you are familiar with and meet those goals.

We expect you to turn up to raids with you main character in your main spec by default. In some cases, such as when a boss calls for a specific comp, we may discuss asking you to go off-spec or even to an alt.

While it is not required to roll offspecs or alts and getting them ready for raiding, doing so will result in a lot of appreciation, higher priority when it becomes time to hand out off-spec items (which may also help outside the raid), and of course personal loot upgrades will go to an alt.

We will not invite your alt just because you feel like playing it on that particular day. You must provide a good reason why it will make it easier to defeat the boss using the alt.

This is primarily because of forced personal loot, because we don't want items spreading across many characters being played by one person. We prefer more loot to go to one character for improved output, leading to improved progress.

Have all types of consumables ready for every fight BEFORE joining the raid.
That means:
  1. Food, the best type and with the correct stat. Food is used on every pull besides literally the first few "We have no idea what we're doing and wil lwipe to that" pulls.
  2. Flask, of the best type. Flasks are always expected.
  3. Potions - 2x per attempted pull
  4. Runes

Vantus runes may be provided when needed. If feast is the best type of food at the time, feasts may also be provided, but you should still have food so we don't have to pop an entire table for one guy.

Try to be online 15 minutes before raid. Be on no later than the start and be ready to accept summon immediately.

Sign up on guild calendar!
  1. If you can come and will be there on time.
  2. If you can come but will be late. Write in the Discord #absences channel
  3. If you cannot come at all. Write in the Discord #absences channel

Install Discord and connect using the details found in the guild information page in-game.

These addons are mandatory:

  1. Deadly Boss Mods OR BigWigs
  2. RCLootCouncil
  3. Exorsus Raid Tools - Enable Note in /ert -> Note.
  4. WeakAuras

Keep them updated!

When inside a raid:
Our raid days are Thursday 20:30-23:30 and Sunday 20:30-23:30 server time every week. Occasionally the raid time may extend for a few more pulls if we feel we're close to a kill, but never past midnight.

  1. You are expected to use a potion just before a pull starts. Trust us, we can tell. We have an addon. ;)
  2. Don't talk too much on Discord (especially during progression) but DO communicate important points. We all like jokes, but keep it on Trash when raid leader is not trying to speak or use the raid chat for it.
  3. Do not EVER ignore the raid leader. If he tells you to move the square marker, you move to square marker! Do not attempt to change strategies without ensuring that the raid leader understands your intent first.
  4. Any of the rules that can get you demoted or removed also apply during a raid.
Silverblade uses a Loot Council. To enable this, we use the addon RCLootCouncil.

We do boosts provided we know we can confidently clear the instance.

We will sometimes boost socials for free should they desire, but your friends outside the guild do not get this luxury.

Boosts will be offered at a price consistent with what the market dictates. The raid leader will watch the market on the trade chat and try to ensure a competitive price that'll generously reward us.

We don't do boosts for money, only gold.

Gold is put into the guild bank. If we deem the guild bank has enough gold already, it will be distributed amongst raiders! Mostly it gets spent on feasts, vantus runes, and other things to support our raiding efforts.

Perks of being a raider:
During a raid, the loot council will always consider it more important to gear you. This is entirely because there is an expectation that improving the gear of people who are more often here provides more progress.

You will always be invited before socials are even considered. Only in extremely rare cases where your role does not match anything we can use to fill a final spot or something, this perk MAY be broken, but consider it VERY unlikely.

You have access to guild repairs and may be even be given gold or items the guild has earned in the guild bank if it is profitable.

Filing a complaint or giving feedback:
Always ready to hear feedback (except during bossfights). Contact any Councillor or High Hand on Discord, via in-game mail, or via whispers in-game. We don't bite and we will definitely take you seriously.

The Loot Council:
Silverblade uses a loot council whenever possible, and personal loot otherwise.

The loot council consists of all raid officers. When a piece of loot drops, you may keep it if it is not tradeable. Otherwise, you are expected to trade that piece of loot to the loot master immediately before clearing trash. The loot master will position himself next to the corpse of the boss.

From there: We give out loot at our discretion. If you feel you are treated unfairly, take it up with us. We will listen, and we will give our reason.
Do not whisper the person who got the item if you can have it off the bat. We usually give it to that player for a good reason.

You must have RCLootCouncil installed, and you must have empty bagspace. The raid will not begin, or may you be asked to leave, in the event that it is not installed.

Whenever an item has been handed over to the loot master, you'll be given these options, and you can also set a note. We would like you to put the size of the upgrade in the note, or any other information you think is relevant.
  1. BiS - If the item is the best possible item within the raid tier select this. If there is a better item in the raid tier, do not select it, but if there is a better item in M+ or from PvP, you may still select this.
  2. Upgrade - The main upgrade button. If you think the drop being given to you will contribute to your main spec, specifically in regards to its performance in Mythic raiding, select this.
  3. Offspec - Choose this if your offspec can use the item. Players who frequently use their offspec in raids will get priority over people who do not.
  4. Transmog - If you think the item looks hella dope but it has no other use to you.
  5. Pass - Choose this if you don't want or can't use the item.

Please don't "try to be nice" by selecting a lower rank than asked above. if you think you getting the piece is somehow less important, use the note! For example a player might select "BiS" but then add "There's a much better PvP item I can buy shortly after the raid" or something like that. You may of course also go in the opposite direction and write that it's a famously good upgrade for your spec in particular.

When distributing loot, your participation rate, effort, and overall performance will be taken strongly into account. The goal is to ensure as much progress as possible, which means that you may not receive as many upgrades. It is not given to you based on how much you deserve it, but on how much it will help us, as a team, defeat the bosses. Should an upcoming boss require a specific setup, we may even swap things around in advance to get extra gear for some offspecs we need on that boss.

The goal is definitely to have EVERY raider upgraded as far as possible. We don't want anybody to raid and receive little reward. However, we do believe that Personal Loot will take care of a lot of this regardless.

You should always attempt to get a reasonable amount of rewards from other sources, or we may try to give you less loot in an effort to balance out all the forced personal loot you're getting, or we may not take you at all due to the subpar performance that will result. Reasonable usually means get the M+ chest and do some other side activities, but you don't need to farm yourself into a coma!

After the last boss of the tier dies, we will relax the rules a little bit until next tier in regards to side activities, but the loot rules will be unchanged.

As a rule of thumb, we'll generally award in the order they appear above, but exceptions will exist.
If everybody passes a BoP item, it will be sent for disenchanting. If everybody passes a BoE item, it will be sent for the auction house and all the gold will go to the guild bank to be spent on repairs.

If a BoE item drops for you, hand it to the loot master so it goes through the loot distribution process. Any vote on Offspec or below goes to the auction house WITH THE EXCEPTION of offspec pieces for people who actively use their offspec in the guild.



Demotion from Raider:
There are a few things that can get you demoted.
  1. Not showing up without prior notice - This is fairly severe. You do this even somewhat often, and you're probably going to find yourself demoted
  2. Not signing up and showing up anyway - This is not particularly severe, but you shouldn't expect raid spots if you do this. Doing it often will get you demoted.
  3. Repeatedly not being on time or not coming at all - This is very severe. If you do not participate in raiding as a raider, you will be demoted within a week.
  4. Leaving early - Unless a very good reason has been given, this is quite severe - especially as we enter Mythic. Depending on how much delay and annoyance you cause, you may be demoted immediately.
  5. Throwing fits during runs - Even if the reason is legitimate, this can completely stall a raid. If we can see a good reason (say a tragedy happens during a run) you're excused, but it is entirely at the discretion of the council. Regardless, you'll more than likely be replaced.
  6. Consistently poor performance - Not improving your play or your character will eventually lead us to giving up on you as a raider.

Being demoted from raider does not mean you leave the guild (although you may of course choose to do so) - but it does mean you lose the previously mentioned perks of being a raider.

Removal from Guild:
  1. Threatening to leave the guild or the raid if you don't get your way is unacceptable. If you're going to leave, just leave. Feedback is always welcome, blackmail is not.
  2. Harassment of anybody, both sexual and non-sexual, is grounds for immediate removal.
  3. Bullying, i.e. assembling large parts of the guild to pick on another member, is completely unacceptable and will be met with no tolerance. We're in this together. If you experience bullying or other nasty behaviour from another group of players in the guild, say it to a councillor. We will take you seriously, and we will solve the problem, even if it means removing an entire group of players.
  4. Do not lie to the loot council. You will be kicked on the spot while in the raid when it is discovered.
  5. Do not break Blizzard's rules. No botting or hacking or scamming or gold selling, etc. is allowed. If it's against the ToS, it's against the guild's rules, too. We think Blizzard's rules are reasonable, and we don't want to be losing members to this. We do, however, make an exception on very particular private servers since we have literally observed Blizzard employees playing on them.