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Submitted on: Oct 24, 2016 at 06:13 PM

Basic Information

Main spec


Personal performance and history

Raiding history - Explain what raids you have completed and when

13/13 Hc Multiclear , 20 archi hc kills. 4/13M Hfc. 1 month before prepatch.

Do you use your abilities in a rotation or priority system for optimal performance? Can you describe, briefly, how it works? Why?

Rotation. Rune, combust, Phoenix flames & fireblast to Get a instant pyro, then rotate Pyro/fireblast in burst. after that normal Fire mage Fireball / pyroblast rotation. might be hard to read since English is not my native language. tried my best atleast :P

Why do you gear the way you do? Why do you have these items and enchants?

I always gear to increase my dps, never for itemlevel.

Share a link of your internet connection connecting to a server in France or Germany (location of game servers)
Link a raid log (Optional, but without it we'll have to assess you even before the trial raid)

Commitment and friendships

Do you know anyone in the guild? Separate by commas

No i do not :/

Why do you want to join? What do you expect of us?

A good, friendly enviroment. And hopefully some boss kills :)

Anything else you'd like us to take into consideration?

Might need some more explanations than other, Might not learn in 1 try. but i don't fuck up 10 times in a row, i do learn from my mistakes

I confirm that I have read the guild rules as set out on
Check this if you have other guild applications ongoing


Talked to him for a while in game. Sounds like a nice fella :)
Thanks for the application, we will get back to you ASAP.

Sylvin x
A bit on the short side, but nevertheless interesting. You said quite a few really smart things in there. We'll be glad to try you out. :) Accepted.

Whisper Ishayu, Edizio, Sylvin, Moistmeatbal, or Marv in-game for an invite.
Ishayu, if theres anything else you would want to know, feel free to ask :)
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