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Submitted on: Mar 03, 2017 at 05:49 PM

Basic Information

Main spec


Personal performance and history

Raiding history - Explain what raids you have completed and when

I was in the core raiding team of Sinergy until the RL and GM collectively decided that they would resign from the guild. Many members are left looking to pursue furher mythic raiding, including myself. We cleared up until Trilliax on mythic difficulty, and farmed NH on HC weekly. I'm also a committed m+ player, preferably with generous affixes.

Do you use your abilities in a rotation or priority system for optimal performance? Can you describe, briefly, how it works? Why?

Pop wings, press the glowing buttons, press it even harder, win. When all else fails: bubble or bop'ity bop.

Why do you gear the way you do? Why do you have these items and enchants?

Because Simcraft and the Ret community tells me that it will improve my damage. I like having more haste to achieve a smoother rotation.

Add a link to your raid UI

Standard UI.

Share a link of your internet connection connecting to a server in France or Germany (location of game servers)


Link a raid log (Optional, but without it we'll have to assess you even before the trial raid)

feel free to assess me or to consult wow armory/wowprogress, since last raids weren't really optimal.

Commitment and friendships

Do you know anyone in the guild? Separate by commas

Proclidan the Havoc DH used to be in the casual guild Pandora with me at some point.

Why do you want to join? What do you expect of us?

To progress as a Ret, to pursue mythic content and to vastly improve my gameplay and learn how to aid others in a team. I want to become a major contribution to any raid. I heard there is a cerain Ret officer that's been doing very well in Silverblade. I love consulting fellow Rets.

Anything else you'd like us to take into consideration?

Not going to lie here, I'm kind of a Legion Pleb. I started playing WoW at the end of WoD. And transitioned into Legion. Have been consistently active throughout the expansion. I did do some major research into my class and into the game, however.

I confirm that I have read the guild rules as set out on
Check this if you have other guild applications ongoing


Hello Gerrhardt,

Thanks for taking the time to submit us an app. We'll hopefully have an answer for you soon.
Hello again Gerrhardt,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted for a trial. Please whisper in game either myself (Màrv), Ishayu, Anosora or Shamborghini for a guild invite.

See you soon
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