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Submitted on: Oct 30, 2017 at 12:29 AM

Basic Information

Main spec


Personal performance and history

Raiding history - Explain what raids you have completed and when

Have been playing since wotlk. Started to play again last month, cleared ToS normal/heroic and now i wanna try to do mythic

Do you use your abilities in a rotation or priority system for optimal performance? Can you describe, briefly, how it works? Why?

Whould say that i use my spells depending on the situation. I always try to keep my hots up, for procs and vivify when heavy healing is needed.

Why do you gear the way you do? Why do you have these items and enchants?

Keeping it easy and following the prio lists i have found and trying to get bis gear.

Add a link to your raid UI

Basically the normal UI. And some addons (DBM, details). Nothing fancy but it dos the jobb

Share a link of your internet connection connecting to a server in France or Germany (location of game servers)
Link a raid log (Optional, but without it we'll have to assess you even before the trial raid)

Commitment and friendships

Do you know anyone in the guild? Separate by commas


Why do you want to join? What do you expect of us?

Just cleard ToS heroic with the guild i'm in now. And they are not going to continue to progress in mytich. I'm not expecting much more then a fun group of ppl to progress with before the new raid.

Anything else you'd like us to take into consideration?

Didn't link my UI because there is really nothing to see, more then some keybinds.

I confirm that I have read the guild rules as set out on
Check this if you have other guild applications ongoing

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Hi Boolisen,

We took a little while to dig up some logs from you as well, and we think it looks promising. We would like to extend an invitation to join us!

Whisper one of the officers in-game for an invitation. Make sure you get added to th the calendars, and join the Discord server! Welcome!

Apologies for the delayed response.
- Council of Silverblade
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