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Status: REJECTED (Application incomplete)
Submitted on: Aug 26, 2018 at 07:26 PM

Basic Information

Main spec

Beast Mastery

Personal performance and history

Raiding history - Explain what raids you have completed and when

I did Warlords of Draenor's first two raids on heroic with my guild.
I did Emerald Nightmare on Mythic until Ursoc.
I did Nightold Heroic at least 4 times.After that I had to quit the game.

Do you use your abilities in a rotation or priority system for optimal performance? Can you describe, briefly, how it works? Why?

Usually I try to stick the main rotation but I adjust myself to the situation.I can definitely handle myself and the task that given to me.Playing as a Beast Mastery hunter I had no issues with mobility so in my old guild they were giving me the hardstuff, like clearing the fungal growth in Brackenspore fight.Usually I play PVP,so I can handle myself under stress aswell.

Why do you gear the way you do? Why do you have these items and enchants?

I couldn't gear up properly in Bfa because as a Dps it tooks so much to join a dungeon.I will solve that problem when I found a nice guild with nice mates who would like to do dungeons with me.

Add a link to your raid UI

I don't understand what to do heresy would like to have screenshot of my Ui,if you want I can tell which Addons I use.

Share a link of your internet connection connecting to a server in France or Germany (location of game servers)

I'll move out next month.

Link a raid log (Optional, but without it we'll have to assess you even before the trial raid)

Commitment and friendships

Do you know anyone in the guild? Separate by commas


Why do you want to join? What do you expect of us?

Since my old guild mates stopped playing the game I would like to join a social,succesfull guild.This year I will play WoW more than other expansions,because I had University exam until this year.From now on im free to play as much as I want.And i know that I need a guild to play properly.

Anything else you'd like us to take into consideration?

I confirm that I have read the guild rules as set out on
Check this if you have other guild applications ongoing

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Hi Syzeal,

Given the lack of raid experience, lack of rotation description, lack of a screenshot, lack of latency measurement, lack of raid logs, or literally any metric we could use to judge your abilities, I'm afraid we're going to have to reject this application. Feel free to submit again with a more complete application.

The question that asks for a raid UI means a screenshot or link to a pack that you use, and there must be some way for us to assess it in raid situation, so that we know your view is not obstructed and you have a reasonable grasp on what the important information is in a raid setting for you.

- Council of Silverblade
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