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Status: REJECTED (Class is full)
Submitted on: Feb 24, 2019 at 02:58 PM

Basic Information

Main spec

Beast Mastery

Personal performance and history

Raiding history - Explain what raids you have completed and when

i did raid full in MOP and got the cutting edge: Will of the emperor then.
also cleared HoF and terrace back then before i stopped playing. other than that i have only been quickly clearing raids before stopping, until now in BFA. we got up to Zul in uldir mythic before we lost all members in the current guild.
due to ppl leaving and such i have not been doing much mythic raiding in BoD, just cleared it 9/9 hc.

Do you use your abilities in a rotation or priority system for optimal performance? Can you describe, briefly, how it works? Why?

depending on the fights, but are mainly using abilities on CD, unless you have to save them for different parts in a fight for extra dps. other than that you wanna have your barbed shot on stacks as long as possible, and use the aspect of the wild for high dmg when needed.

Why do you gear the way you do? Why do you have these items and enchants?

Mainly going for stats when gearing and traits on azerite gear. if i lack any stat i try to change enchants and gems to even it up. allways hunting for the best azerite gear for BIS traits. the same with trinkets.

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Share a link of your internet connection connecting to a server in France or Germany (location of game servers)
Link a raid log (Optional, but without it we'll have to assess you even before the trial raid)

Commitment and friendships

Do you know anyone in the guild? Separate by commas

Used to play with Larri and Heki

Why do you want to join? What do you expect of us?

Currently looking for a reserve raid spot. i do work and go to school, so cant promise a 100% attendance every week, but can show most of them. only looking for an active guild with decent players for HC clear and M+, and a possibility to join mythic progression if thats needed.

Anything else you'd like us to take into consideration?

i have two alts
120 warlock (lialøck)
120 demonhunter (liademon)
both geared and useable for atleast HC clears. (395+ilvl)

Norwegian, 26 years old with a working mic. feel fry to contact me on battlenet: lianes#2530

I confirm that I have read the guild rules as set out on
Check this if you have other guild applications ongoing


Hey liahunt,

Thank you for making the application, we really appreciate it!

As mentioned in whisper to you earlier, unfortunately the raider rank is completely full right now but we do have our Sentinel rank available. As your friends might have explained to you, the sentinel rank allows us to ensure that we'll always have a good composition and a raid. What this means, though, is that you might not regularly get a raid spot as we will always prioritise the most recent sentinels after crusaders and initiates.

Please have a think about that and do feel free to contact us with regards to questions and we will hope to get back to you in the next few days with our decision,

Kind Regards,

- Silverblade Council
Hey Liahunt,

We've had a long discussion about your application over the last few days and unfortunately we're going to say no at this time due to the guild being full up right now and we're also reaching limits on how many sentinels (our backup players), we want. We would be reaching a situation where you would never get to raid with us, and as of this, it would be unfair on you and a problem for us to manage.

We would like to wish you all the best in your search for a guild and thanks so much for applying!

Kind Regards,

- Silverblade Council
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